Meet the Trainee team

The Trainee team are always working hard to bring you interesting discussions via twitter as well as organising stimulating conferences for you to attend

Luke Baker Co-Chair2018-09-16_14-05-22_741

Luke is a Royal Navy ST4 Psychiatry Trainee on the Maudsley Training Programme. He is Secretary of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee, Secretary of the NATO Military Mental Health Panel, sits on the Higher Trainees’ Committee on the Maudsley Training Programme and is a firm head and educational supervisor at Kings College London Medical School.

Sophie Butler Co-Chair

Sophie is Psychiatry Registrar and is currently taking a year out to do a Medical Education Fellowship with South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Frankie Anderson Academic Lead

Frankie is currently a CT3 in Psychiatry in South London and Maudsley Trust, alongside a ST5 number in Rehabilitation Medicine in Oxford. 
She has an interested in Undergraduate Medical Education; particularly focused on innovative teaching and practical application of Medical Education theory.

Mao Lim Evaluation and Comms LeadMaoPhoto_byArinaTetera

Mao is an artist and medical student at King’s. He is the Design and Evaluation Lead for the AUTP Trainees team. An aspiring psychiatrist, he has been awarded the RCPsych Pathfinder Fellowship and was shortlisted for RCPsych Medical Student of the Year 2018.  His broad interests include global mental health as well as exploring the use of creativity, arts and technology in medical education.

Jigna Patel National LeadJigna Patel

Jigna is a Psychiatry registrar and currently a leadership fellow. Her interests are around medical education and mental health promotion. She lives in Leeds and is happy to help northern AUTP scholars. In her spare time you will find her running and teaching on the Psychiatry Pitstop course.

Natasha Rishi Scholarship LeadVersion 2

Natasha works as a Psychiatry Registrar in South London. She has a special interest in medical education in psychiatry, alongside mentoring and supporting trainees and students.


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