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Seminar series Dec 2019

Leeds seminar series Dec 2019

AUTP Summer Conference

The AUTP trainee team are giving you yet another chance to attend one of our ever popular conferences

AUTP trainee Conference Feb 2019

On the 1 February 19, The AUTP held our second conference in Derby. This conference built upon the successful relaunch of the AUTP and was developed as part of our conference series. It was great to meet so many new faces and see the… Continue Reading “AUTP trainee Conference Feb 2019”

Trainee conference Sept 2018

Successful AUTP trainee conference On the 29th September 2018 AUTP Trainees held their inaugural conference at the Wellcome Trust (London). It launched a conference series that continues into 2019 with the aims of creating a national network of trainees and increasing the profile of… Continue Reading “Trainee conference Sept 2018”