Seminar series Dec 2019

Scholarships and train journeys galore!

The end of year seminar was held in Leeds. Delagates from all over the UK attended to take part in our educational sessions and also to pitch their ideas for the annual AUTP Trainees Scholarship prize.

Psyched Up came to share their experiences of teaching. They told us about their communication skills programme and how they are able to improve the experiences of medical students whilst working in mental health

We were treated to a session on coaching by the Director of AO coaching Anthoney Owens. Anthony works with people from a number of sectors but also has a great deal of expertise in the health sector.

We were also very lucky to have Prof Wendy Burn come along to share her experience of teaching throughout her career. We learned about how she got into teaching and the positive changes she has brought about. Her take up message to us was to ‘be kind’ to those around you as this creates a better working and learning environment.

The scholarship competition was fierce. All of the candidates who were chosen to present their projects gave well thought out presentations. All projects presented were innovative and showed a great commitment to mental health. We wanted to award a prize to all the candidates. Unfortunately we were only able to choose 5. The winners were,

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