AUTP Summer Conference

The AUTP trainee team are giving you yet another chance to attend one of our ever popular conferences.

Date 31 May 19

Location Kings College London

Come along and join us for our summer conference. We have a great line up planned. In the morning you will hear from some inspirational educators and have the chance to meet and chat to them about your teaching experiences. They will also be on hand for any advice

During the afternoon session you will have the opportunity to join our workshops and learn about your teaching style. The AUTP trainees team will also be on hand to help in any way they can.

There are 3 options regarding sign up to this conference. Refreshments will be included on the day

  • You can make a one off payment of £20 to attend this single conference (below).
  • You can become a member at the cost of £10 per year and attend all of our conferences for free!
  • If you are already a member simply email us and let us know that you will be attending

Single conference payment

This payment will allow to access to the the summer conference for the whole day.


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