Meet our scholars

Award winning scholars

These are the scholars who were chosen by the committee to receive a grant towards their projects. We were impressed by all their hard work and fantastic projects

Dr Emma BrooksEmma Brookes

“Crash Course in Managing Psychiatric Emergencies”

The key aim of Dr Brooks’ teaching project is to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence for new trainee cohorts, in dealing with psychiatric emergencies. She will be using trainee questionnaire data and the training curriculum to develop a “simulated on-call” teaching session, with patient actors, led by experienced core and higher trainees. Examples scenarios include; dealing with acute aggression, self harm behaviour, assessing capacity and prescribing antipsychotics. Trainees would have the opportunity to seek clarification, prescribe, document as if they were on call, but in a safe teaching environment. She aims to continually develop her initial framework based on her evaluation methods.

Dr Tom DaltonToma Dalton


Dr Dalton has been successfully teaching medical students at the University of Birmingham for the past three years. He has introduced innovative methods of teaching and visual materials which focus on exploring the phenomenology and function of common psychiatric symptoms. This includes; use of thought experiments, interactive exercises, descriptions from lived experience and presence of expert patients, to help students to understand and relate to patient experiences and deconstruct stigmatising preconceptions. His overall aim is to make psychiatry teaching less “black box” for students. Dr Dalton aims to launch a website for “GetPsychEd” in order to disseminate his teaching materials on various Psychiatry topics.

Dr Elliott Carthy IMG_20180911_073121_284

“Mental Health with Dr Elliott”

“Mental Health with Dr Elliott” is a brand-new YouTube channel designed to create educational and engaging content about mental health conditions that can be easily and freely accessed by healthcare professionals, students and the general public. He has already created an informative series, titled, “2 minute medicine” that aims to give a succinct overview of common mental health conditions. Dr Carthy aims to extend the content and maximise the exposure of the channel, as well to collaborate with other content creators to promote multidisciplinary working through online education.

Check it out the channel at..

Dr Alana AhmetAlana

“Psychiatry Foundation Doctor Teaching”

Since 2017, Dr Ahmet has been running weekly teaching for foundation doctors at North East London Foundation Trust. Her interactive teaching sessions now form part of the compulsory local teaching programme and have been recognised by Health Education England. She aspires to make the teaching of psychiatry exciting, enticing and appealing as well as a reflection of the true essence of working in psychiatry. In expanding her project, Dr Ahmet has a vision of sharing her work through creating teaching plans and open resources for other deaneries to use for their dedicated foundation doctor psychiatry teaching.

Dr Charlotte Turner

“Improving Psychiatry Placement Inductions”

Dr Turner has recognised that psychiatry placements can be daunting and that local trust inductions for psychiatry are highly variable. Her project entails designing a standardised curriculum for local trust inductions in psychiatry across the Peninsula deanery. This would help new trainees in psychiatry to deliver safe and effective patient care at the same time as  enhancing their experience within the speciality. The curriculum will be based on survey findings from trainees, supplemented by input from senior doctors and a process of programme evaluation. It is hoped that following local implementation, use of the curriculum could be expanded and tested across different deaneries over the UK.

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