Trainee conference Sept 2018

Successful AUTP trainee conference

On the 29th September 2018 AUTP Trainees held their inaugural conference at the Wellcome Trust (London). It launched a conference series that continues into 2019 with the aims of creating a national network of trainees and increasing the profile of the AUTP charity. We hope to provide a forum for trainees with a passion for psychiatry medical education to meet, learn and share ideas (at a very low cost!).

21 delegates attended from across the country and we heard from 8 excellent speakers. An authority in medical education, Dr Teif Davies (AUTP Chair) shared his experience and a varied panel with Dr Maurice Lipsedge (retired Psychiatrist), Dr Sophie Butler (Medical Education Fellow), Dr Luke Baker (PTC Secretary) and Mao Lim (medical student) interacted with twitter and the audience to make us think about what makes a good teacher of psychiatry.


An innovation in medical education ‘PitStop Psychiatry’ was presented by Dr Jigna Patel and Dr Adam Balkham. Just before lunch an interactive workshop lead by Prof Nisha Dogra (AUTP Treasurer) got us to question our assumptions and relate the concept of diversity to medical education.


This conference also saw the beginning of the AUTP Scholarship scheme which sees trainees receive mentorship and financial support for their psychiatry education projects across the country. In a session that many said was the highlight of the day we heard 9 short presentations proposing education projects. These provoked a lot of excitement and discussion and only after a lot of deliberation (all the presenters were fantastic) 5 successful scholars were chosen. You can read more about their projects on our website. We rounded off the day with some theoretical work, thinking in groups about different modalities of teaching and how we can use this in our practice.


All in all we thought the day was a success, don’t just believe us though. This is what delegates had to say….

“I loved the opportunity to meet/network with other people passionate about teaching psychiatry and share ideas”
“Very open, collaborative format with flow of ideas between people of all levels of training”
“I really enjoyed the diversity lecture. Real food for thought”
“ Feel inspired to teach and create teaching – thanks”


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